Delegation. It's an important strategy in staying focused on your business's core competencies so that you can remain competitive. If managing your organization's systems and applications is diverting the attention of your IT resources, it's time to delegate that responsibility to MipSystems Consulting's Outsourcing Services. We manage day-to-day systems and applications functionality, letting you dedicate your key resources to your business's primary objectives. Furthermore, because supporting IT infrastructure is one of our core competencies, MipSystems Consulting does it cost-effectively. Our outsourcing services are available for any or all of the following operations, and provide rewarding results.

MipSystems Consulting's Outsourcing Services include:

Application Management

MipSystems Consulting brings more than three fifteen years of application management experience and best practices to your organization. We consult with you to quickly gain an understanding of your application environment. Then we present a solution to help lower the costs of managing, maintaining and enhancing your existing systems.

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Production Scheduling, Operations and Administration

Along with application management, or as a separate activity, MipSystems Consulting can take responsibility for production scheduling, operations and administration. Because our business is IT, we provide the necessary management and technical resources to minimize costs while keeping your operations running efficiently.

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DBA, Systems Programming, Systems Administration and Technical Services

MipSystems Consulting's outsourcing experience and processes can be applied to support the technical environments of various architectures, including the management and enhancement of the operational environments that make up your IT infrastructure. MipSystems Consulting's technical outsourcing keeps processes efficient, environments stable, and costs down.

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Total IT Outsourcing

MipSystems Consulting has developed its total IT outsourcing solution for small to medium size organizations that are more comfortable with our collaborative, client-involved approach. MipSystems Consulting assesses your current IT structure and provides an efficient, total outsource solution, freeing you to focus on your core business.

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Your Business Will Benefit

Now more than ever, organizations are taking advantage of two significant business values offered by MipSystems Consulting's Outsourcing Services:

  1. Reducing costs of supporting IT infrastructure. MipSystems Consulting's outsourcing approach reduces and controls the cost of infrastructure support, while also helping clients determine the appropriate scope and priority of support tasks. The result is more cost-effective IT.
  2. Appropriate use and focus of in-house expertise. Successful organizations have recognized the need to devote internal resources to activities that differentiate them in their market. MipSystems Consulting can help free valuable internal staff to focus on core business activities by taking responsibility for infrastructure support activities.

In addition to these two primary business values, clients experience enhanced business user satisfaction, flexibility to respond quickly to market trends, and increased employee retention.

We Offer Complete Solutions

By combining our IT consulting expertise with a comprehensive plan that includes an initial assessment, solution development, and project scheduling and management, MipSystems Consulting offers an all-inclusive approach to your business challenges. To ensure that our solution satisfies your objectives, each MipSystems Consulting Outsourcing engagement is driven by our Service Delivery Methodology, which incorporates industry best practices and 15 years of successful delivery to our clients. The scope and specifics of the engagement are regularly reviewed to provide optimum results, and our value based pricing arrangements guarantee that we meet agreed upon service levels.

Experience the professionalism of a MipSystems Consulting Outsourcing solution. Contact us today at (860) 558-2782 or via email at

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