MipSystems Consulting offers the following benefits to salaried employees:


Eligible employees can choose between PPO/Network physician care or traditional type coverage:

  • PPO/Network physician care carries no deductible and little or no employee expense
  • Non-network or traditional type care has an annual deductible per individual with covered expenses paid at 70% or 60% by the plan depending on the plan chosen by the employee.

Note: Salaried employees who have medical coverage through an alternate source may waive their MipSystems Consulting medical benefits.

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Employees are eligible for traditional indemnity type benefits:

  • The plan offers diagnostic, restorative and prosthodontic care.

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Life Insurance

MipSystems Consulting provides eligible salaried employees with life insurance coverage at 100% of eligible salary, up to a maximum of $50,000. Supplemental and dependent life insurance is also available.

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Paid Leave

MipSystems Consulting offers eligible salaried employees a competitive plan of paid days off with your personal time accruing throughout the year.
 Time Employed  Accrued Paid Days Off*
1-3 Years15 Days
3-10 years20 Days
10 years and above25 Days

* All accrued paid days include seven national holidays annually.

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Tuition Reimbursement

MipSystems Consulting offers salaried employees tuition reimbursement for approved job and degree related courses.

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Retirement Savings

Employees are eligible to participate in the company's 401(k) program at the appropriate plan entry date. The plan provides pre-tax salary deferral and company match for eligible employees.

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Incentive Programs

MipSystems Consulting offers a host of employee incentives, including:

  • Employee referral bonuses

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All benefits are subject to change without notice.