MipSystems Consulting leverages the power of information systems to maximize our clients' competitive advantage. Our experts begin charting a course for your success by thoroughly reviewing your corporate history, successes, key resources, business practices, challenges and goals. We then develop a comprehensive enterprise solution that addresses your unique business operations and objectives.

MipSystems Consulting's Systems Development and Integration Services include:


MipSystems Consulting's eBusiness services help you leverage Web-based technologies, resulting in a more cost effective and outward facing business model. Our eBusiness services include:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Architecture design and implementation
  • Application development and B2B integration
  • Backend host application integration
  • Network and application security

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Systems Transformation

Based on a dual premise, our systems transformation services convert outdated systems into systems that provide a competitive advantage. First, we created our systems transformation services so that you can leverage your company's previous investment in application development when adopting new computing technologies such as client/server, intranets, and data warehousing. Then, we transform systems so that they evolve over time and provide clients with incremental value over an agreed upon period, thus providing incremental value to the business and stakeholders. MipSystems Consulting's approach encompasses:

  • Application development and redevelopment (any architecture)
  • Major enhancements to existing applications
  • Application transformation to new technologies and architecture
  • Current system assessment (applications & architecture)
  • Future state system requirements (applications & architecture)

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Data Warehousing

Knowledge is power and the basis of knowledge is data. With the exception of people, data may be the most important asset an organization possesses. All too often, much of this data is either difficult to access or not in a usable format. Data warehousing provides access to more meaningful enterprise information, makes an organization's information more consistent, and provides the foundation for decision-making. Our data warehousing services are designed to allow organizations to view their operations in new and much more detailed ways, and include:

  • Data warehouse design and implementation
  • Data warehouse template selection and deployment
  • Data warehouse project management
  • Database conversions
  • Business requirements definition
  • Legacy system integration between data warehouse and backend systems

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Your Business Will Benefit

MipSystems Consulting's team of experts provides your enterprise with the strategy it needs for success today…and in the years to come. Depending on the systems development and integration services you engage, you will revitalize your business by:

  • Empowering eBusiness solutions that leverage legacy system information
  • Supporting new business objectives
  • Increasing operating efficiencies
  • Reducing time-to-market and resource investment
  • Promoting B2B integration
  • Transforming data into decision-making tools
  • Mitigating the security risks to your organization's information
  • Freeing your IT resources and management for other projects

We Offer Complete Solutions

By combining our IT consulting expertise with a comprehensive plan that includes an initial assessment, solution development, and project scheduling and management, MipSystems Consulting offers an all-inclusive approach to your business challenges. To ensure that our solution satisfies your objectives, each MipSystems Consulting Systems Development and Integration engagement is delivered according to a clearly documented scope of services agreement that is collaboratively developed by MipSystems Consulting and client management. The scope and specifics of the engagement are regularly reviewed to provide optimum results, and our performance based pricing arrangements guarantee that we meet agreed upon project deliverables. In addition, MipSystems Consulting experts adhere to industry best practices to implement an effective solution with a focus on ROI for you.

Experience the professionalism of a MipSystems Consulting Systems Development and Integration solution. Contact us today at (860) 558-2782 or via email at sdi@mipsystemscompany.com.

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